Implement Your Idea Today Lest Someone Else Does

By Michaela Scherr

I’ve had some great ideas in the past, as a matter of fact I had some really huge ideas – only problem was in the past I didn’t make things happen, others unfortunately, did it for me.

Years ago when I was studying freelance photography and travel writing, I made a list of all the great interviews I was going to do – one of which was with the airport sniffer dogs, the gorgeous and unassuming Beagles. I’d set up the interview and then, for a reason I can’t remember, never got around to it. I also made a list of photographic ideas. The project idea of a moon calendar really had me motivated – for awhile. Again, for whatever reason at the time, I simply didn’t get around to it. Then there were the seascapes I sold at the Opera House Markets before anyone else did the nautical ‘thing’ – unfortunately I had no idea how to market myself so that idea eventually fizzled out.

All the ideas I had ended with someone else doing the doing and receiving credit for it!

I’m far more focused these days and if an opportunity presents itself that I’m interested in, I go for it!

If you’re toying with an idea now…today…run with it, because if you do not, someone else will and receive the accolades and all the opportunities that go with it. You being the first off the starting block with a new idea or concept can have far reaching consequences much like the Butterfly Effect (see Chaos Theory) - a small thing such as the flap of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the planet, can in effect have a monumental outcome on the other side of the world.

When you next have some quiet time, ask yourself a few questions starting from the very beginning, and jot them down in rough draft.

**What’s your idea?

**Why do you want to pursue this idea?

**Where does your idea come from?

**What’s the purpose of your idea?

**What do you need to do first?

**Can you achieve your outcome in seven steps or less?

**What are the seven steps?

**Who will you need to involve? During the conceptual phase it is prudent to keep ideas to yourself until you’re clear in your mind how you will achieve your outcome. Then seek professional advice.

**When you list the seven steps – begin with the smallest first and work your way up.

**When will this come to fruition? How long do you give yourself?

If you’ve become totally involved and excited by this stage, fine tune your idea with a business, marketing and operational plan and have a professional go through it with you.

When you have a great idea (or think you have one) it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Your mind fills with a multitude of thoughts and possibilities. The secret here is to chunk down to the most basic of actions (like putting pen to paper) and work your way up from there. So next time an idea comes to you and fills you with possibilities know that someone somewhere has the same (or pretty close to it) thought.

Seeing the overall big picture is easy - The difficult bit is starting the 'doing' to achieve the big picture!

Michaela is a Transformational Coach, certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), writer, and Metaphysician who is totally committed to helping others create positive and action oriented changes to their lives. (see

Michaela is the author of several e-books including Book of 10 Colour Meditation Scripts and Basic House-Clearing 101 the Energy Way. She is also publisher of a monthly newsletter called From My Desk; an engaging, inspirational, and often humorous newsletter which offers 'real life' tips aimed towards achieving a more peaceful, spiritual and fulfilled 'real' life.

Michaela Scherr

Married to David, Michaela has two children and a grandchild and currently lives in Brisbane Australia.

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