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> Don't Die With A Million Dollar Idea Still Inside You!

Does it frustrate you when you see an idea that you thought of years ago make someone else a millionaire because you failed to pursue the opportunity of a lifetime? Do you get mad at yourself for not being disciplined enough to follow-through on your goals, dreams and ideas? Learn how to create and implement your life-changing ideas today.

> 15 Ways to Know If You Are An Idea Person

Are you an idea-generating machine? Do people seek you out to find out what you think? Find out 15 ways to identify if you are an idea person. If you are not an idea person, learn how to become the person people come to for great ideas.

> 12 Reasons to Use an Idea Journal

12 valuable reasons why you should be using an idea journal to pursue the life of your dreams. Learn how to use an idea journal to chart your way to success.


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